27 August 2016

Rosamund Lesley

Rosamund Lesley ‘Peggy’ in The Bulldog Breed film, 1960

Rosamund Lesley is a British actress who played cameo roles in 3 films and 2 TV series since 1958. Rosamund played the part of the bride in “The bride and the batchelor” at Duchess Theatre London. Her angelic face could be well remembered in The Bulldog Breed film, where she sat in a bar and suddenly enjoying Norman Wisdom who was particularly entertaining her without prior acquaintance.


  • Little Women (1958, TV)
  • Hancock’s Half Hour (1959, TV)
  • The Bulldog Breed (1960)
  • Night Train for Inverness (1960)
  • The Never Never Murder (1961)



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